Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting tip....

I have had this brown paint chip taped to the wall above my bed for like 2 years...

I just could not make up my mind. 
Due to cabin fever or spring fever 
or sheer madness.

I just bought the stinking paint and did it...
I was only doing the wall behind my bed.
Which meant that I needed to tape a line.
I have heard a million things like buy the "Frog tape" and buy the most expensive angled brush...
But I am cheap...
I remembered reading somewhere about taping and then using Mod Podge to help seal it.

So I taped....
(with my cheap tape)

 I Mod Podged down the edge of the tape...

And let it dry....
(and crossed my fingers that it worked)

Painted and waited...
(while my fingers were still crossed) 

And it worked!!

It left a pretty darn straight line...
With only a few tiny spots that may need to be touched up!

And now I am working on a gallery wall for my room, new ruffly "anthro" inspired curtains, and accent pillows!!
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funky Frame

How fun are these FuNkY FrAmEs??

My sister made me the cutest sign for my wall in one of these frames for Christmas...
so I had to copy her and make another one for our
latest family pictures. 

I started with a large piece of newspaper.....and traced the outside of a picture frame onto it.  That was my guide for the size I needed the outside of the frame to be.

Next was the hardest part for me....drawing out my design. 
 I am so not an artist. 
So I cheated. 
I folded the newspaper into fourths using the traced frame as my guide....and just drew one corner of the design.  Then I cut it out...and when I unfolded it whalaaaaa. Totally symetrical.  

Then, using the newspaper as my template, I traced the design onto a big piece of thin plywood. 

(If you want your frame stacked like mine is...you will need to do this again, making another frame about an inch bigger all the way around.) 
Ok, now get out your power tools.... 
 and get cutting.

{We used a jig saw}

For the center of your frames, you will need to trace the inside of the picture frame you are using to get the
right size for your inside cuts. 

Now the fun part....paint!

After everything is dry, use wood glue to stack your frames. 
{Make sure your inside edges are aligned so that
your picture will fit into it right.} 

Then adhere the actual frame to the top, and insert your glass.

There are SoOoOoO many ways you could do these.....varying the frame design and paint colors!

Get creative!