Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I {heart} Dawn...

I have shared this on my other blog...
but for new readers this is a tip worth sharing again!!

I swear by Dawn!!
My mother-in-law told me to try it to remove grease from a rug.
And it worked,
like a charm.
So, after I had my 1st baby and we had our 1st yellow baby poo blowout.
I tried it on those tiny pink pj's...
and it took that yellow stain right out!
And now I use it for everything!!
My Husband has to wear a white shirt everyday to work!
(which he hates...and I do to because white gets SO dirty!!)

I have made my own "Dawn and Wash"

Here is what I do to get rid of that
yucky ring around the collar...
And other dirty areas...

Dawn (you can use any of them I have tried them all)
a Dollar Store spray bottle
my old toothbrush
(because someone gave it to the baby, who ended up sharing it with the dog)
I mix 2 tablespoons of Dawn to a little more than half of the bottle with water.
Give it a little shake and that is all!
1st Spray with Dawn and water mixture...

and scrub with your toothbrush...
and Ta Da....
It really works!!
And I use it on EVERYTHING!!
Punch stains, oil stains, grease stains,
a bad accident involving chocolate milk and carpets,
and it even has taken out set in stains on my favorite t-shirt!
It's a pretty cheap alternative to spray and wash and other stain removers.
I think it works better than most of those other stain removers!!

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