Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drab to Fab!

I know I should be getting ready for the holidays...It's creeping up on me and I have alot to do!

But...I wanted to finish this latest "drab to fab" project first!

I was running out of room to hang my necklaces, so I was in need of another hanger.

I found a solution at the local D.I.  

An old Family Home Evening Board that looked similar to this one..... 

 except it said OLSEN. (Ya, I forgot to take a picture first)

First step was to sand as much paint off as I could...and then I had Mike put a little trim on the edges and add a small shelf to fancy it up a little bit.

Next I added a few coats of paint and then just modge podged a little scapbook paper into the back.

Just a few simple touches and it changed so much!

Now....on to CHRISTMAS!!

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