Monday, November 14, 2011

Stocking Holders

Anyone else out there love PINTEREST??  Because I am addicted!

Love, Love, LOVE it.

{Where do all those creative people come from anyway??}

So....I have seen different versions of these stocking holders all over Pinterest...
They are pretty basic...... 
 I used an old 2x4 cut into 6 inch blocks.  You can do whatever size you want,
but my mantle is huge so this size was good for me. 

After a good sanding,  I used wood glue and a nail gun to attach them together. 

Glue a decorative knob on the top, screw in a hook to hold the stocking, and paint!

This is where it gets fun!

There are a million ways you could decorate these....I've seen kids pictures, chevron stripes, polka dots, monograms, glitter, all kinds of cute ideas....just get CrEaTiVe!!

It's FUN!

{I used scrapbook paper and some spray painted, Dollar Store jingle bells on mine. 
I had too many helpers at the time to get too crazy, so I went with easy.....and my little boys love the bells.}

Hmmmm.  Now I need some cute stockings.....

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Kristi said...

Love this, wish I didn't lose my mantle in the separation, lol.