Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

It's November!!!  Yay!  I love November....

I love the chill in the air!

It makes me want to fire up the oven and make something yummy.

So, since I'm ready to be spending alot of time in my kitchen,
I thought I would share a fun kitchen tip. 

I always get annoyed when I am wiping up the cupboards and I come across a crusty spot that I have to sit and scrub at.....or when I am doing dishes and have to change my dishcloth for a scrubbie to get off something that's caked on.   

Here's an awesome solution!

Here's what you need:  Green scouring pad (I found a pack of 5 at the Dollar Store)
Dish cloths. ( You can find these there as well if you need some fresh ones,
or just use what you have)

Cut a small square of the scouring pad....and sew it onto a corner of your dish cloth.  Just zig zag around it...It doesn't have to be pretty.

That's it!  When you find a dreaded crusty spot, you already have a scrubbie in your hand. 

Just find the corner and scrub away.

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