Thursday, October 27, 2011

4x4 pumpkins

I saw these pumpkins around the internet a while back. 
They were cute and looked easy!!
I went to my local hardware store.
I bought a 8 foot long 4x4 and had them cut
2   13 1/2 in.
2   15 1/2 in.
2   18 1/2 in.
That is exactly enough for 2 sets.
And it was only around $9!

 I painted them with a bright orange paint.
(while having a coke) 

Sanded the edges with my handy little mouse sander.

Found some twigs from around the yard for the stems.

My husband is giving "power tool lessons". 
This is one of the 1st ones. 
So I got to drill the holes in the top.

I was going to use E000. 

 But decided on the trusty glue gun.

(just so you can NEVER go wrong with a glue gun)

Then glued all the twigs in and let them dry.

Embellished them a little with green wire that I had laying around
and some burlap.

And there you have a
cute little set of pumpkins for around $5.00!!

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