Monday, October 3, 2011

Spider Web Cake Stand

Just like everyone else in blog land, I have been kind of obsessed with cake stands lately. 
So here is my Halloween version to add to your collection.  It is super fast and easy! 

{Now, just so you know...I am not super technical.  I kind of just fly by the seat of my pants and make do with what I have.  That's what's fun about being creative!  You just kind of go with it...right? }

I started with a 12 inch square piece of wood, and marked it off, dividing it in fourths.   

Then draw lines again diagonally, corner to corner, but only out 6 inches each way from the center.  This makes the circular shape.  Making sense so far?
Next step.  Use all your artistic ability to connect each line with a weblike swoop. 
Now you have your web ready to cut. 

Watch your fingers.....:)
Now paint!  I used a couple coats of black paint....then redrew my lines with a white paint pen...
and free handed the rest of the web. 

Last step is the base.  I used a Dollar Store candlestick that I spray painted black and glued to the bottom with E6000. 

That's it! 
A fun way to SpOoKiFy your kitchen counter!


Martin jonson said...
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Martin jonson said...

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Julie said...

This is so awesome! I plan on doing this myself! Where did you get/make that awesome slinky looking pumpkin? Thanks!