Friday, October 7, 2011

A Dollar Store Topiary...

I wanted a topiary for a shelf that I had in my front room.
  One sort of like this...
But this one was $49.00.
 Hello...way too much for me to spend on one little topiary.
  I knew I could make my own. 

Here is my version...
With a Halloween twist.
I already had these styroform balls.
  I bought them at Knit and Craft a few years back. (for those of you who live in my area)
They were the most expensive part of this project.  I can't remember for sure...but they were something like $5.00.

I went to the Dollar Store in search of supplies.  I found this little pot for a dollar.  It was a green color.  A little black spray paint fixed that!  I bought a bag of the moss for a dollar. 
 In the bottom of the pot I put in a piece of floral foam. 
 (that I also bought at the Dollar guessed it...for a DOLLAR)
Hot glued it to the bottom.
Arranged the moss all around the base.
The stem is a dowel I purchased at the hardware store for $ .39.  Cut it my desired length and sprayed it black. 
The sphere was a little more difficult to get the moss to stick to.  I used my hot glue gun.  It worked, but I think a spray on adhesive would have been better.  Just arrange it until you have filled all your holes. 
For each holiday I change the color of ribbon around the stem. 
 I also added some Dollar Store spiders. 
 A topiary for less than $10.

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Amy Rosquist said...

How cute! I love topiarys and they are always expensive.