Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paper Mache Witches Hat

Ever want to make something fun, but don't want to go to the store and spend money on supplies?

Ya, me too. 

That was my challenge with this project....to use only what I had on hand.
I wanted an embellished witches hat....only,  I didn't have a hat.

So I made my own...out of paper mache.

I am NOT an expert in paper mache...{I think I've only made a couple pinatas...that's it}
I'm sure there is a more accurate way...but here's what I did.
I started with a piece of cardboard...and cut it into a ring for the brim of the hat.
Then I gathered the rest of my supplies....duct tape, newspaper, and a bowl of flour and water mixed into a runny paste. 
I made a tube out of the newspaper that fit into the ring of the hat and duct taped it so it was the right size to fill it up.
Next step....cut around the newspaper every couple of inches about 2 inches down, and tape it in place with duct tape.  Go all around the ring. . 
 It doesn't have to be pretty
It should look like this.  A long tube.
Now form the newspaper into the shape you want. 
I wanted mine to have a little character, so I made it kind of funky with a bend to it. 
Now, using lots of duct tape, tape it up so it holds that shape.
Then start covering your mold with small strips of newspaper that you drench in the paste.

It is MESSY....so put something under you.  Yuck.

I did 3 layers, letting it dry completely in between, so it won't mold.

Now paint and decorate!
{the funnest part} 
I used what I had and made some flowers out of burlap.
I also threw on a piece of beaded garland I had laying around.

Set it on top of a candle stick for a little height, and you're done!


Vicky said...

Wow Mindy! I am so impressed with your display. That is so cool that you made that hat yourself. Very resourceful! I am a new follower from Blue Cricket Design. Vicky from www.messforless.net

Anonymous said...

Very Impressive Mindy! I'll give it a try :D

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Jennifer Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing Mindy! My daughter and I made one it was so much fun!