Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A "spooky" wreath...

 There are a million wreaths out there that I love right now! 

If only I had enough walls to hang them on. 
 I made this one with my sister in September and held off hanging it until October 1st because it is definitely a Halloween wreath and not just a "fall" one. 
Here are the supplies you need:

5 to 7 yards of Black tulle cut into 1 in x 7 in. strips
a wire wreath form (or a wire hanger)
an orange ribbon (or a polka dot one would be adorable)
and someone to talk to while you tie them all on!

Tie them on using a a slip knot.
And just keep tying.
We had two wreath forms. After deciding that it was going to take FOREVER, and possibly 10 more yards of tulle. I decided to use a wire hanger and make mine. It looks a little mis-formed. But I just kept tying them on and then bent it a little when I was finished. 
I am a thrifty crafter.  I like to know how much everything is going to cost before I start. 
 This was a very inexpensive wreath. 
The wire hanger was free. 
The tulle was $1.23 a yard from my local Walmart (for a total of $8.53 if you use all 7 yards). 
And the orange ribbon was bought for less than 20 cents a yard. 
A cute wreath for less than $10.00!!

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